Volunteer : Become part of the USUO Family

With over 700 volunteers annually, the Utah Symphony | Utah Opera Volunteer Network is the largest volunteer organization supporting Utah Symphony | Utah Opera. Volunteering your time and energy to the USUO Volunteer Network is a great way to reap significant cultural and social benefits while providing vital support to our organization. Like all cultural institutions, we couldn’t function without our volunteers! Volunteering with USUO gives you an up-close look into some of the inner workings and behind the scenes. 

For your help, you will receive complimentary tickets to concerts and events, educational exposure to artistic personnel, and opportunities to socialize and network with culturally active individuals.

Join the Volunteer Network now, by clicking on the following performance dates to sign up!

Hosting a concert includes greeting patrons, setting up and serving during our intermission reception. Working in our Gift Shop and Boutique includes helping the Utah Symphony Guild and Utah Opera in the lobby sell items to our patrons so they may take the experience home!

Both positions require that you arrive 1 hour before the performance and stay until the performance is over. It also requires that you stand for long periods of time and can lift 25 pounds above your head.

For more information contact volunteers@usuo.org

Barber’s Violin Concerto, Apr 28
04-28-2017 6:30 pm
Barber’s Violin Concerto, Apr 29
04-29-2017 6:30 pm
Don Giovanni, May 13
05-13-2017 6:30 pm
Don Giovanni, May 15
05-13-2017 6:30 pm
Don Giovanni, May 17
05-17-2017 6:30 pm
Don Giovanni, May 19
05-19-2017 6:30 pm
The Rite of Spring, May 26
05-26-2017 6:30 pm

We welcome you to become part of our organization. Please contact us and tell us how you’d like to participate.


The Volunteer Voice is our Volunteer Newsletter that contains spotlights, upcoming volunteer opportunities, and activities for current and future volunteers. To subscribe, email volunteers@usuo.org.