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Volunteer for the Utah Symphony

Welcome to our Volunteer Network! To join us, browse through the list of upcoming concerts below and click on the date you would like to volunteer. Then specify if you would like to be a Reception Host or Chair Mover.


As a Reception Host, you will arrive before 7:15 PM. Wear your Sunday best and shoes you are comfortable standing in. You will then assist with the intermission reception. The assignment of volunteer roles are determined on a first come, first serve basis and you will be contacted with details the week before the date you sign up for. Please volunteer for at least five performances. You will receive a voucher for a future performance.


As a Chair Mover, you will arrive before 7:00 PM. Wear nice clothes that you are comfortable moving in. You will assist in moving and stacking chairs used during the preconcert lectures in preparation for the Intermission Receptions. Volunteers must have plenty of upper body strength who can stack the hotel-style chairs in stacks of ten and move the stacks into the closet with a special dolly. You must be able to lift 25-35 pounds above your head and must be done quickly. You will receive a voucher for your work to use for a future concert. In some cases, you are able to see the concert that night.

Thank you for helping us create another successful season and for your support of arts in our community!

For more information contact:

Melissa Singleton
(801) 869-9067
email: volunteers@usuo.org