David Porter

David Porter is a violinist with the Utah Symphony and President of the Intermezzo Chamber Music Series. He, with the help of his friends and colleagues in the Utah Symphony, created MOTUS After Dark, a series of concerts in alternative venues designed to make classical music accessible and attractive to new audiences.

A native of Northfield Minnesota, David spent the first dozen or so years of his life in a mostly intact Victorian house, infested with musical instruments, newspapers, paper bags, pets, New Yorkers, books, and mice. There was a flutist, a cellist, an oboist, two violinists, and a pianist. Because that was not enough, a viola, a virginal, a mandolin, a moldy clarinet, a dozen wooden flutes, a harpsichord, and a shawm, the last of which was used solely to torture the family dog, were added to the mix. Since then, David has been unable or unwilling to escape the joyful chaos of his early years, and now attempts to balance time with his beloved daughter Divna, Intermezzo, the Utah Symphony, and his dozen or so tortured youth (otherwise known as students), by piling New Yorkers and paper bags indiscriminately about his dwelling.

David has been a member of the Utah Symphony since 1996 and last studied (mostly just practiced) at Indiana University with violinists Miriam Fried, Sylvia Rosenberg, and Stanley Ritchie. He enjoys most any outdoor activity that doesn’t involve a motor, and his reputation for maiming musicians whilst skiing is unparalleled and at least partially unfair.