Graeme Mutchler

Graeme, a native of Dallas, Texas, attended Wheaton College and graduated with a BM in 2006. His teachers and mentors in Chicago were Michael Mulcahy, John Schwalm and Charles Vernon. He then pursued a MM at the Juilliard School where his principle teachers were Donald Harwood and Joseph Alessi. Before joining the Utah Symphony in October of 2012, he was a member of the Kansas City Symphony from 2008-2012.   Prior to that he spent a year with the Honolulu Symphony in 2007. Graeme has also performed with other orchestras such as the Baltimore Symphony, Minnesota Orchestra and the Atlanta Symphony. Graeme has presented recitals and masterclasses at Northwestern University, University of Utah, BYU Idaho, Kansas University, University of Missouri Kansas City and Wheaton College. He also teaches as adjunct bass trombone faculty at BYU in Provo, UT. He is also a performing artist for the S. E. Shires Instrument Company.

Graeme is an avid sportsman and enjoys hunting of all sorts, most specifically for big game. You can also find him spending sunny days perfecting the art of smoking chicken, brisket and pork on his Oklahoma Joe commercial size smoker.