15 Jul 2016

Between the Barlines – Rei Hotoda

During the 2016 Deer Valley Music Festival, the Utah Symphony has launched a weekly interview series entitled “Between the Barlines,” which seeks to reveal aspects of guest artists’ lives outside of the music for which they are known, including things such as their backgrounds, their influences, and their non-musical interests.
Born in Tokyo but grew up in Chicago, award-winning conductor and pianist Rei Hotoda has emerged to become one of America’s most sought after and dynamic classical artists. A tenured Associate Conductor for the Utah Symphony, Ms. Hotoda has led the orchestra extensively in chamber concerts, regional tours, and in the Deer Valley Music Festival. For her solo performance with the Utah Symphony, Ms. Hotoda will be accomplishing the incredible and unique feat of conducting while playing the piano, performing Mozart’s 9th Symphony at the Deer Valley Music Festival on Wednesday August 3rd.
An open and friendly personality, Rei talks about her great balancing act of her familial life, her career, and her musical performance. In this interview, Rei discusses everything from her admiration for the Dalai Llama, to her opinion on the role of women in the modern classical music world. Rei also comments on her upbringing, talking about the influence of her mother and her very early piano practice beginning at the age of 3.
When discussing her performances at the Deer Valley Music Festival, “I’m really excited about doing these big concerts like the John Williams concert that ends the festival, as well as these chamber concerts that I’m doing where I’m playing and conducting a Mozart piano concerto. I’m thrilled, and since I’ve gotten to know some of the community up there, I’m really excited to share this music with them.”
Be sure to listen to our interview with Rei Hotoda here.
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