05 Dec 2018


by Kathleen Sykes

If you’re a classical music lover, perhaps you’ve found yourself in the following situation. You hear a song that you like on the radio, or maybe a movie, and you can’t quite pinpoint where it’s from. You’d typically just Google the words to a song you like, but with classical music primarily being instrumental or written in a foreign language, you probably won’t have much luck with the search term, “song with that cool violin part.

If this describes you, we’ve got your back! Allow us to demystify some of your favorite classical pieces.

One work of classical music that is ubiquitous, but that you might not know its name, is Edvard Grieg’s Peer Gynt. This work tells the story of a famous Norwegian folk-hero who goes on an epic adventure encountering trolls and all sorts of mythical beasts.

You may know parts of this work from commercials, movies, and more. It has even been covered by the masterful Duke Ellington.

Still not sure what we’re talking about? Take a listen to the stirring and iconic Morning Mood:


And if you loved that, you’ll definitely enjoy the frenetic, high energy In the Hall of the Mountain King. (And probably even more so for the cute doodle in this video).

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