09 Dec 2019

Ghostlight PodcastEpisode 4.4: Carlos Miguel Prieto – Part 1 – Connecting the symphony with the community

Hosts Jeff Counts and Carol Anderson interview guest conductor Carlos Miguel Prieto.

Maestro Carlos Miguel Prieto, Music Director of the Orchestra of the Americas, joined the Utah Symphony as guest conductor twice in the 2019-20 season. The first concert, Celebración Sinfónica, received rave reviews from those who were in attendance. Prieto returned in November for his masterworks debut. It was during the November concert cycle that Jeff and Carol had opportunity to have a conversation with Prieto.

Maestro Prieto was pleased with the audience response to the Celebración Sinfónica performance. He enjoyed (and even encouraged) the audience’s energetic response to the performance.

Prieto also shared ideas about how major orchestras can connect and engage with both subscribing and new audiences.

The highlight of this intriguing conversation was the anecdotal reflections on Prieto’s experiences as he toured with the Orchestra of the Americas throughout North and South America.



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