27 Apr 2020

Utah Symphony Musicians Perform Opening Theme Song for CBS Sunday Morning

by Kathleen Sykes

If CBS Sunday Morning is part of your routine, you may have noticed something a little different. If you recognized these familiar faces, you’re not alone! Several trumpet players from our orchestra performed the opening theme song.

Associate Principal trumpet player Jeff Luke noticed a call to action on CBS Sunday Morning’s Facebook page asking if anyone could play the opening fanfare. They got many responses from flutists, guitarists and more. Luke decided it was time for the trumpet players of the Utah Symphony to throw their hats into the ring! He arranged the main theme for four trumpets; Principal trumpet Travis Peterson and acting section members performed it; and Andrea Peterson edited the video together Zoom-meeting style. Much to everyone’s delight, the show’s producer decided to use it on the air for the April 26th show.

The result is the amazing video below: