30 May 2020

Song Cycle: Songs That Make You Happy

by Collette Cook

We love how music has a way of touching the soul—making the heart swell with joy, or imposing feelings of anguish and loss so completely. Today, we are choosing to explore the happier side of classical music and have curated a playlist of happy classical pieces with hopes that they, too, will bring some extra happiness to your day.

We’ve included some of our favorite happy dance pieces that will make you want to move like Leroy Anderson’s Jazz Legato that just oozes 1930’s jazz and Strauss’s Trish Trash Polka and some of the most delightful overtures to famed and beloved operas like Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro and Leonard Bernstein’s Candide Overture. Although the pieces on the playlist span different genres within classical music and composers from across the globe, they all share one thing—they are sure to put a smile on your face.