12 Aug 2020

Ghost Light PodcastEpisode 4.17 – Utah Symphony 80th Birthday Interview – Nick and Claudia Norton

Host Jeff Counts sat down with Nick and Claudia Norton for an interview recorded for the Utah Symphony 80th Birthday Celebration. Only a part of that interview was used. Now we get to hear the rest of the story.

Claudia began playing with the Utah Symphony in 1967 and witnessed the orchestra mature into an organization that could fully support the careers of its musicians and serve the community with outstanding performances. Nick joined the Symphony in 1980, and served as Principal Trumpet for more nearly 20 years.

In the interview they share the Norton family origin story, and anecdotes about the intersection of their lives with Music Director Maurice Abravanel, their favorite memories of their time in the orchestra including the 2002 Winter Olympics, National and European tours, the opening of Abravanel Hall, and the Utah Symphony as a match-making organization.