31 Aug 2020

Ghost Light PodcastEpisode 4.18 – Associate Concertmaster Kathryn Eberle

Associate Concertmaster Kathryn Eberle sat down with the Ghost Light Podcast to discuss her recent appointment as the Concertmaster of the Hollywood Bowl orchestra. She shares anecdotes from the audition process – including run-ins with Kristin Chenoweth and Hugh Jackman, and what it was like to win a prestigious position and then not be able to perform there due the pandemic. The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, like many orchestras across the country was forced to cancel their summer season.

Even though the Utah Symphony and Opera stages have been dark since March, Kathryn and her colleagues have busy in pandemic life. One particularly meaningful endeavor to Kathryn has been the MOTUS Meets Instagram Live series (https://www.instagram.com/musiciansutsym/) where she has sat down to chat with artist of all types in the Salt Lake City area. Guests have included Mary Dickson, Utah Symphony’s Conner Grey Covington, Ballet West’s Allison DeBona, Chef Viet Pham, Violinist Will Hagen, and more! Have Jeff and Carol found their replacement as the top arts interviewers around?

And finally, has Kathryn ever seen a ghost? Find out on the final episode in season four of Utah Symphony | Utah Opera’s Ghost Light Podcast.