09 Dec 2020

Tony DeSare Pre Show Routine

My pre-show routine actually begins when I wake up the morning of a show.  The knowledge that I later have to expend so much energy, concentration and vocal physicality that evening calibrates how I go about my day.  I usually will avoid going to lunch with my band or others to avoid having to use my voice in noisy places.  I almost never do any sight-seeing or “touristy” things on a show day as it can be somewhat tiring and it’s honestly hard to completely relax and enjoy knowing that the show is in a few hours.

I usually will have a light lunch in the early afternoon in my room and then either meditate on what I need to be prepared for or just relax or a few hours.  This can mean doing some light work or just Netflix and chilling.

I usually get dressed in my hotel room and then head over to the theater with my band. I don’t like to get to the theater too early as the wait in the dressing room can seem eternal if I’m there before 30 minute call.  Then, as showtime nears I usually am eager to get on stage and do my best to make music and entertain for the next two hours!

Tony DeSare

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