Virtual Hallelujah

Please note: the deadline for submissions has passed.

Has it been a tough year? Want to keep your holiday traditions going? Join the virtual chorus! Film a video, send it in, and we’ll include it in our On-Demand streaming of Messiah Sing-in! This video will show you how to participate.

You will need:

  1. The audio backing tracks. There are 5 options available. You may choose to record with a soloist singing your own voice part, or all four voice parts sung at once. Use the recordings to practice so that you feel confident and have fun while making your recording!
  2. One device to play the backing track. Best option: this should be a computer or tablet with either headphones or ear buds.
  3. Second device to make the recording. Best option: this should be a phone set for selfie-mode video, HORIZONTAL orientation only
  4. Sheet music printed or downloaded from this page.

Hallelujah chorus (Schirmer)

Recording Process:

  1. Set “device one” (your computer, phone or tablet) to play the audio file through headphones. If you do not have headphones or ear buds, make sure you stand far enough away from “device one” so that the audio from that device does not ‘bleed’ too strongly into your recording device.
  2. Set your “device two” (best if it’s a phone) to video recording in horizontal selfie orientation. If you don’t have a phone stand, you can prop it on a stack of books. Take a photo to make sure you are happy with your frame.
  3. Tap device two to start recording
  4. Tap to begin the audio backing track
  5. Sing the whole song without stopping
  6. Tap stop on the recording when you have finished

Repeat the process if you don’t like the results!

Submitting Video:

Please note: the deadline for submissions was 11/18/20.