Dvořák’s “New World” Symphony in Ogden

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Dvořák’s “New World” Symphony in Ogden
Val A. Browning Center
1901 University Circle Ogden, Utah Get Directions


Inspired by the spiritual storytelling of Native American and African American musical traditions, Dvořák’s universally popular “New World” Symphony captures the essence of our country’s rich heritage with expressive melodies that are immediately familiar. Paired with the ebb and flow of Barber’s Violin Concerto—performed by Utah native Aubree Oliverson—and Ravel’s jazz-influenced Boléro, our season opener brings to light the power of American musical narratives and echoes the traditions of past generations.


DVOŘÁK: Symphony No. 9 “From the New World”
BARBER: Violin Concerto
RAVEL: Boléro