02 May 2020

Song Cycle: Music to Soothe Your Soul

by Kathleen Sykes (with contributions by Dr. Carol Anderson)

Let’s face it: It’s a crazy time to be alive right now. If you’ve spent even a little time on social media or read news stories about the pandemic, you’ve probably felt yourself becoming a little anxious. In times like this, we at Utah Symphony and Utah Opera turn to what we know best—music.

Music has incredible healing powers, and the right song might just help you feel understood when other people might not understand your grief or anxiety.

So for those of us who need to feel some relief from anxiety or fear of the unknown, and those of us who need to allow ourselves to feel sad, and especially those of us who just need to turn off our brains and unwind, we made this playlist with you in mind.

We’ll keep updating as time goes on, so make sure to follow it and let us know if you think we should add anything.