17 Mar 2020

Ghost Light PodcastSpecial Episode – Music Heals

In a special episode of the Utah Symphony|Utah Opera Ghost Light Podcast, co-hosts Jeff Counts and Carol Anderson discuss, in response to the COVID-19 virus and the restrictions placed on performing arts companies, some historical moments where music played a major role.

This episode is partly inspired by social media clips of Italian citizens, under strict quarantine, sharing music from balconies as a way to comfort and console each other during a difficult time. Communities and individuals have turned to music for expressing inspiration during joyful times, as well as and solace and comfort in troubling times. At Giuseppe Verdi’s funeral thousands of mourners sang the Va Pensiero chorus from Nabucco during his funeral procession. Music accompanied the celebration when the Berlin Wall fell. And countless other large and small moments in have been accompanied by music.

This episode is dedicated to those in need of a “Pandemic Playlist.” We hope that the music we discuss will provide comfort and peace in a time where we could all use a little. Enjoy!

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