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Korngold: The Sea Hawk

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Album Notes
Varujan Kojian | Conductor
Utah Symphony Chorus |
The Sea Hawk
  • Main Title
  • The Spanish Galleass/Galley Slaves/The Albatross
  • The Captain's Table
  • Doña Maria And Capt. Thorpe/Elizabeth's Throne Room
  • Thorpe's Pet Monkey
  • The Map Of Panama
  • The Chess Game
  • Coach To Dover
  • Farewell/Panama
  • Jungle March And Battle
  • Return To "The Albatross"
  • Condemned To The Galley/Doña Maria's Song
  • Queen Elizabeth/Maria's Anguish
  • Escape From The Galley/Fight On Deck/"Strike For The Shores Of Dover"
  • Reunion
  • Thorpe Confronts Wolfingham/The Duel
  • Fanfare And Finale