06 Mar 2018

Pre-concert Rituals: Alexandra Dariescu

Professional musicians often spend much of their lives on the road performing in concert venues around the globe. Amid the hectic travel schedules, rehearsals, practice time and adjustments to a different time zone, culture and climate, regular routine is sacrificed. We asked two of our guest artists to share what pre-concert rituals help keep them grounded.
My ritual starts in the morning with a positive attitude. You never know what can go wrong on the day of a concert (flights canceled, trains running late, piano missing…) so an optimistic outlook is incredibly helpful. I like to practice slowly in the morning, on the score, looking at every detail and refreshing the memory. If there’s a rehearsal with an orchestra, I usually save energy for the evening performance. Lunch consists of fish, rice and lots of veggies. A nap is always welcome but if I can’t fall asleep, I lie down and breathe 3 in 7 out, a ritual I’ve had for years. I also visualize the hall, coming in and feeling free.
Freedom, inspiration and being in the moment are my essentials for a great performance. As musicians, we always practice for tomorrow’s concert, think what we’ll play in two year’s time. But when the spotlight is on, ‘now’ is the most important! Forget anything else and live the moment, think only about the music and then the magic happens! I like a good cup of coffee and chocolate about an hour before the concert, followed by warming up (Grindea technique) and the 30 min prior to the performance I spend alone, no talking, no phone, just thinking about the music, what I want to communicate to the audience. Every concert is a blessing and I sincerely feel grateful for every opportunity I have to perform, to do what I love!