04 Sep 2020

Ghost Light PodcastEpisode 5.1 – Season 5 Trailer

New President/CEO of the Utah Symphony | Utah Opera, Steven Brosvik, sat down with the Ghost Light Podcast just before the moving truck arrived from Nashville.

Mr Brosvik shares his music performance journey as a young pianist and vocalist, and the path that brought him to arts administration.

They discuss the interview process involved with his new position. Most interviews of this kind are a week-long affair with concerts, meetings with donors, and traveling to see the city and surrounding areas. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, many of those activities were not able to happen. What were his feelings during the decision to accept a new position during a pandemic? And what leaps of faith were required to allow his family to feel good about the decision?

Mr. Brosvik eagerly looks forward to connecting with the community, and finding ways to renew, strengthen, and build partnerships that will help the USUO to achieve its goal of bringing great live music to the community. “We have such capacity as arts organizations to change the focus and direction people’s lives. Even if that means we’re only changing it for two hours and making it better.”

And finally, has Steven ever seen a ghost? Find out on the first episode in season five of Utah Symphony | Utah Opera’s Ghost Light Podcast.