20 Feb 2020

Yes, I can attend the symphony and opera!

by Collette Cook

Growing up, my family was invested in making sure I had a comprehensive music education and that I attended the symphony and opera. I thought that this was a normal part of every child’s life until I realized many of my friends felt intimidated by the symphony or felt the opera was too expensive. I quickly got my friends acquainted with Abravanel Hall and Capitol Theatre, and they discovered how accessible the symphony and opera could be.

This is exactly what I want for you!

We have a variety of subscription packages that make it easy (and affordable) to attend performances throughout the season. They are designed to help patrons explore music and learn new things. When you become a Utah Symphony | Utah Opera subscriber, you’re joining a community of music lovers who believe in the power of music to add beauty and joy to lives throughout our community.

Not sure where to start? Learn a little bit more about our subscription offerings below.


Our curated subscription packages are bundles of specific concerts that are selected by our artistic leadership. These packages appeal to particular tastes and interests and allow one to delve into certain aspects of the symphonic world.

Do you love the powerhouses of the classical world, such as Beethoven, Mozart and Bach, or even living composers like Andrew Norman or Arlene Sierra? Then the Masterworks package is for you!

Can’t get enough of all things Harry Potter, Star Wars, and classic film?  Enjoy our Films in Concert subscription package where we play the soundtrack live to the motion picture.

Or perhaps you live for the greatest of popular music. Utah Symphony’s Entertainment series features Broadway stars, rock legends and more.

If you prefer the sounds of the human voice, you’ll enjoy our Opera Series. Looking for a way to bond with your little ones? Try our kid-friendly concerts with our Family Series.


For those of you who prefer a buffet-like subscription with the ability to pick and choose a variety of concerts to dip your toes into, our Design-A-Series subscription allows you to choose nearly any four (or more) performances in the season that strike your fancy—it could be an opera, masterworks, film, holiday concert—you name it!


We also have special subscription packages for students (K-12, undergraduate-, and graduate student). Purchase our Student All-Access Pass (single admission or “Duet”, if you want to bring a friend along)  allowing you to get day-of tickets for most performances in the best available seating.

This is something that I ate up as a student because I could have a night on the town even on my measly student budget. Lastly, our Student Design-A-Series package allows students to choose 4 (or more!) concerts at 50% off in addition to having free tickets exchanges and no processing fees.


For those who love choosing when they watch television shows and movies or listen to music, the idea of committing to a regularly scheduled night at the symphony can seem like a lot. But subscribing also commits you to leaving the house, getting out of your comfort zone, and enjoying amazing music in the company of other enthusiastic music lovers!

If you ask many of our current subscribers, they will tell you this is their favorite part of subscribing!

Subscribe and save